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Top 10
# Name
1.    June
2.    Shammi
3.    Paulie
4.    Andrew
5.    Immortal
6.    MastaKilla
7.    Makiaveli
8.    DarkSun
9.    Loriel
10.   SEXA

Top Guilds
# Name Resets
1. Saints 2502
2. Essence 2483
3. Friends 2317
4. OldScool 2132
5. FBI 1699
6. NAFTA 1230
7. Contra 890
8. KING 835
9. PDCL 758
10. CnapTa 587

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Hall of Fame 10-12-2023
 Immortal  asso  Loriel  Jimmy

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Drop Calculator Search Form by Monster Name
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Item Name Sack of magic
Item level 17

Sack of magic drops from monsters above level 17 (Giant)

To check what drops from Sack of magic
click here!

Drops from those monsters:
# Monster Name Drop Item Level Monster Level Monster Map



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